Office Attire

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment


With the dawn of Monday, comes in the sad feeling of getting back to work. I suffer from a severe case of monday blues. and i think, the only think that pep me up on a dull monday morning, is the need to dress up extra special.

But everything is not as easy as it seems. It’s not that I do not have enough clothes in my wardrobe. In fact the situation is rather contrary. Getting ready for a day in office, and yet managing to look smart, turn few heads, and stand out in the crowd is rather a tough task.

For all the ladies who go through the same turmoil each morning, here are few tips you might want to try:

Top: When picking up a top to wear over your trouser or a skirt, don’t just stick to shirts. Try mix matching it with a t-shirt or a fancy blouse. You can also opt for a simple solid color t-shirt.

Bottom: If you prefer to go simple on the tops, it’s always a good option to go for fancy bottom wear. Preferably skirts. Simple pin stripped trousers, which are nicely tailored not just look good and classy, but also give a very chic professional style. Try to go for pencil skirts. They are very much in fashion and are very deliciously feminine.

Dresses: A simple cut dress, in solids or pinstripes and plaids, are a good option. It is very easy to spice them up with different looks by just adding simple accessories.

Accessories: Pick plenty of scarfs and cardigans or shrugs. They not just work well with those dresses, but can add a dash of edge to your simple shirts with trousers or skirts.

Belts: Get leather belts to go with those trousers. You can either go for the same color, or can give them a little contrasting style by going for a different colour. For skirts and dresses, i prefer satin ribbons to go as belts. They are not just easy on pocket, but they look very uppish. Thick satin ribbons look lovely on pencil skirts.

Jewellery: While most people think pearls are the best options, i personally feel that silver jewellery look very delicate and delicious.

While these are few basics tips, you can always add stockings or different bags to make yourself look different from last week.

There is so much more to office fashion, I will be putting up more on this topic, so keep a look out.

Till then, look lovely and stay beautiful.


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hmm…. Now this is a topic everyone loves to hate.

Reason, makeover means money, changing something you are comfortable with, and more important, getting out of your shell.

But makeovers are more than just changing the way we look. Makeover means change of your outlook, change in your attitude, change in the way people look at you, and above all change in your self-confidence.

So my definition of a makeover is ‘Self confidence booster.’

Fashion and Style

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

When one talks about fashion, we invariably think of all the models walking up and down the ramp wearing glam clothes. Although the vision is enticing beautiful, the depressing part is that the vision looks like a dream. a dream most of us feel we can not follow or fulfill.

But fashion is not about models, it’s not about labels, it’s not about designers. It’s all about you, me, us, confidence and attitude.

In this blog, I am not just going to talk about what which model or celeb wore in which function. But rather what you and I can wear and when.

So here’s to you and me and to Style